Turtle Cove, Bronx, NY

My first series will be of the
tidal ponds at Turtle Cove.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Turtle Cove December 29, 2013 - Dropping Tide

It is a cool, but comfortable, gray morning. The certainty of rain hangs in the air. Pete drops me off by Glover's Rock so I can explore the possibilities for my concept series "A Month of Sundays - Turtle Cove."
As I walk up into the woods on the west side of the second pond, I am struck by how opened up it is now to the golf driving range. I wonder about loss of cover and habitat for the smaller critters like foxes and rabbits as a result of all the clearing that has occurred.
There are many vantage points that present great opportunities for paintings as I work my way around the east side of the second pond and onto the dividing berm.
I just cannot warm up to the bridge design, it still looks like a window washer's scaffold to my eye.
In reviewing my photographs later, the view I chose to paint first is of the second pond looking north from the berm at the east end of the bridge. The tide is low enough to reveal a slash of purple brown mud below the pale gold of the marsh grasses edging the pond.